A web started adventure

My journey as a designer started with webdesign.
A long time ago. In a galaxy far far away.

I was about 14 years old when I made my first website.
It was nothing much, and I can't even remember it, but I was aware of one cool thing:
Online Presence.

I didn't imagine back there that this nerdy passion I just discovered would push me to improve in work, nourishing at the same time my exigency.

At barely 18, I had small work opportunities (posters for local association, metal bands' album covers, craftsmen small websites). Starting my one-man-company was a good idea back then, as I needed money to cover for life toughness.

This little job of mine has been my companion through studies fees and accomodation costs and allowed me to meet variety of people along the way.

From craftsmen's showcase websites to bigger contracts with big companies, I liked the challenge of doing the extra mile to offer more original interactions systems, nicer graphic design, greater experiences.

As it was written at the entrance of my elementary school,

Thanks to them (among others) for their trust and lessons.