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Back there, I was into web & print

I used to make website when I was still in school, at the beginning of CSS tech even. I started my own business as a web & graphic designer at the age of 18, making communication assets for small and medium companies.
During this time, I made websites, for personal and business entities, even e-commerce solutions (TopSportif, Active-Power, Delaire's), built communities around forums, social networks and also some great print work like cd jackets, flyers, posters, catalogues and magazines.

The more the merrier

After 5 years by my own, I worked with a friend and founded '4h04 Studio' which lived for 5 years across France, Germany and Luxembourg, until we decided to go separate ways, because of our different career interests.
We had great opportunities to make various bigger projects as a work-for-hire company, as carrying a regional music festival on its web adventure, a webserie too, working for bigger companies internal and external communication (Voyages-SNCF, LeBonCoin, Prizee, BetClic Group, Continental), making generic websites model (1&1), but we had always been loyal to our early-days collaborators, providing support and services.

And now?

We built a strong friendship and had awesome exchanges on this adventure. And all those times I've tried to stay competitive and up to date with the trends helped me a lot knowing how to analyse interfaces and usability. That made me closer to UX than I thought, and I surely gained a lot of life and work experience during those 10 years.