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How I came into the industrial world?

When I was younger, I had a lot of small jobs to pay the rent and accepted even temporary work so I should invest in my own company needs. Naturally, it led me to the biggest companies in my area, the industrial ones.
So, when I knew ITECA was looking for a UX designer intern, I immediately applied, even though it wasn't mandatory to have an internship during my Master's 1st-year.

Iteca's mission

This company made a vow to the industrial world, and it is to project it into the future, now. How? By digitalising the old ressources an industry have and proposing modern solutions to improve your workflow.
Based on lean management, their first software, NUMAC, is helping the teams to organise their daily meeting and create/consult/solve maintenance tickets. But it also provide now a great project management tool, and more improvements are still to come.

My work at Iteca

My 1st-year internship was focused on a 2d, interface-based software but I had the opportunity to make some consulting and research about their second solution, SmartUpp, and it intrigued me.
So they accepted me for my 2nd-year internship in this company, on this software using 3D on PC, mobiles and AR/VR/XR supports for formation, digital twin and automation simulation for human-assisted machine work in the industry 4.0.