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Indie Released Games

Jumphead: Battle4Fun: Backgrounds design and animation, tutorial screens, testing and design support.

Student Projects

Resquid: UI/UX design, tutorial menu design, user testing and collaboration with game designers.
Merci de Rien: Original idea, world building, user testing and UX design.
Augure: UX design, user testing and collaboration with the lead game designer.
Big Mess: UR analysis, UX design, user testing, public demo sessions organisation.

Prototypes & Game Jams

Jumphead: Support on visual and game design prototyping.
Daedalight: Original idea, assets and support on game design.
Hot&Cool: User interface design and support on narration.
Breath: Original idea and level design using free Unity Store assets.
C.A.L.O.R.I.E.S. 9000: UI/UX design and collaboration with game designers.

To be released

La légende du Pont Brisé: UX design, User Research, participation to game and level design.