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From game jams...

My first game-making experimentations were, as most of people i guess, through prototypes and game jams. This was fun and what I remember the most was discovering the feedbacks of the players after the submission. This was very interesting and electrifying to have direct thoughts and help from other people liking our work.

Through student projects...

Changing career path and going back to school to reach a Master's degree, I was please to learn more about UX design and ergonomics in all its aspects through team projects. 2 years of smaller and bigger projects with various people taught me a lot in design, support and human relations regarding creation.

To indie game released.

I can never thank my best friend enough for asking me some help on the game he decided to create. This indie adventure was long and hard from times to times, especially for him, but I can't be prouder of the work we all achieved by ourselves leading to the release of our game on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

And now?

I always believed in the importance to go step by step. I love to learn new things and get more various experiences. That is why I am now looking for a bigger studio and the opportunity to collaborate and help on more important projects.